At the Farm

Welcome! Eastford Farm is a family-owned farm in Eastford, Connecticut focused on bringing the highest quality food.

Eastford farm uses grain from New Country Organics. Our animals are pastured on chemical-free, healthy grass. All of their grain is 100% soy free and certified organic. Read the reasons why soy free and organic are important here.

Chicken Tractors

Enjoy a video from our farm about Chicken Tractors!

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Happenings on the farm:

Baby Chicks

May 1, 2022: Rhode Island Chicks are hatchings--a sure sign that spring has arrived. Piglets were born last week. Baby lambs are now a month old and soon it will be time to plan the garden.

Making Apple Cider

November 7, 2021: We enjoyed making apple cider. The apples were especially juicy this year because of the abundance of rain.

Thanks to 18th Century Purity Farm for these wonderful apples grown without chemicals.

Baby Pigs

October 1, 2021: Momma pig gave birth to 9 piglets this morning. They were right on schedule (versus the surprise baby chicks earlier in the week.)

Surprise--baby chicks

September 29, 2021: Went out the vegetable garden and there was a hen with new chicks. She must have had a nest under the vast expanse of squash leaves and spent 21 days there hatching these five cute chicks.