Eastford farm uses grain from New Country Organics.  All of their grain is 100% soy free and certified organic.  Read the reasons why soy free and organic are important here.

Eastford Farm Availability and Pricelist

Updated 2/19/2024, prices subject to change.


Eggs, free-range.  Fed organic, soy free feed $7.50/dozen

Duck Eggs, organic, soy free feed $6.00/half dozen  


Broilers, pre-ordered, whole, average 5#2 oz, heart, liver, and feet included (optional), $42  **Now taking orders for pickup in late May 2024**    Birds are fresh, not frozen and available on day of processing at the farm.

Broilers, USDA processed, whole $7.80 per pound  (average weight is 5.2 lbs.) 

Broilers, USDA processed, half broiler $8.00 per pound  

Chicken parts, USDA processed, breasts and thighs, legs and more now available.  Packaged 2 breasts per package or 4 drumsticks or 4 thighs. See below for pricing. 

Pet Chews, Dehydrated chicken feet--$2.00 each.  (Dogs love them!)

Turkey, pre-ordered for Thanksgiving 2024.  small (about 8#), medium (about 10#), large (about 12#).  $10/lb.

For more turkey information click on this link


Lamb--USDA processed--currently available:  chops (loin), chuck chops, rib chops, ground, shank, riblets, organs, leg roast, bones.  See below for pricing.  


USDA processed.  Cuts and pricing listed below.   

Also, Smaller pigs ideal for pig roasts or custom cut at our butcher.   $5/lb hanging weight.  

USDA processed lard  ($8/pint; $15/quart)

Sausage Ingredients Click Here


American Guinea Hog piglets.  Raised on "mama's" milk and soy-free, organic feed.  Contact us for pricing.

Available approximately June 1, 2024.


Hard neck heirloom garlic available.  $1/bulb.  

All animals are pastured on grass or woodlands.  All feed is organic certified and soy free.  Read more about the feed here.