Ordering Turkeys

Our heritage Narragansett Turkeys are hatched at Eastford farm each spring from our own turkey flock. They spend their summer on the field eating grass, bugs and soy-free, organic grain.

This bird has a large body cavity (great for lots of stuffing) with hens averaging 8 lbs and Toms averaging 12 pounds. Note that you still need a large pan for these Turkeys due to their heritage build.

To order, click the contact button below or contact us by e-mail at eastfordfarm@yahoo.com indicating if you want a small turkey (about 8#, $90) or a large turkey (about 12#, $130). We do ask that you send us a $10 deposit, which will only be refunded if there is a crop failure. Instructions will be provided by return e-mail. Due to high demand, we can only reserve a bird for you after we receive your deposit.

These turkeys have no added water or saline solution meaning you are not paying for the weight of salt water. They are naturally moist, tender, and flavorful. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Due to limited storage space, turkeys must be picked up the Monday before Thanksgiving. Please ask if you need an exception.

Depending on demand, frozen turkeys are sometimes available after Thanksgiving. Please ask.